Breast cancer research news from England, and prostate cancer research news from Australia, as reported on U.S News.Com:

Scientists Spot Breast Cancer Genes That Influence Drug’s Effectiveness

Genes that can predict which breast cancer patients will respond to the anti-cancer drug paclitaxel have been identified by an international team of scientists.
They analyzed 829 genes in breast cancer cells and pinpointed 6 that had an impact on whether the drug was effective, BBC News reported.

Study May Lead To New Prostate Cancer Treatment

A new method of treating prostate cancer has been identified by Australian researchers.
In tests on lab animals and human cells and tissues, the team at Monash University in Melbourne used a drug compound to selectively activate prostate beta estrogen receptor cells, United Press International reported.
The researchers found that triggering these estrogen receptor cells leads to the death of prostate cancer cells that are often resistant to conventional treatment and can cause recurrent incurable prostate cancer.

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