Extreme doses of vitamin C for cancer and other ailments were popular this past decade, but I haven’t been hearing or reading much about it recently. Here is an excerpt from an article in the Vancouver Sun, featuring a doctor who is still pushing extreme C therapy:

Although vitamin infusions have been around for decades – they are popular with many professional athletes — they’re gaining mainstream interest from patients looking for preventive treatments and natural ways to deal with chronic conditions, according to John Dempster, a naturopathic doctor based in Toronto.

Dempster says intravenous vitamin therapy – a mixture of vitamins and minerals administered intravenously – is fast becoming one of his most requested remedies to treat such conditions as fatigue, fibromyalgia and depression and chronic diseases such as cancer.

The article interesting. Go to “Canadians turning to “vitamin cocktails” to boost energy, health” for more.
Feel good, keep smiling and don’t forget to take your vitamin C–and eat your veggies! Pat & Pattie

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