One of our readers, Bob, alerted me to this excellent article in the New York Times about a new melanoma drug, PLX4032. Here is a short excerpt from that February 22, 2010 article:

The trial of PLX4032 offers a glimpse at how doctors, patients and drug developers navigate a medical frontier as more drugs tailored to the genetic profile of a cancer are being widely tested on humans for the first time.

Throughout the fall, the only two patients on the trial whose tumors continued to grow were the ones who did not have the particular gene mutation for which the drug had been designed. They were removed from the trial. By late December, tumors in the 11 patients who did have the mutation had shrunk. Those involved in the trial held their collective breath waiting to see how long the remissions would last.

I love the way writers from the New York Times operate–long, detailed, in-depth articles–but way to long to reproduce in their entirety here. This one is no different. Go to After Long Fight, Drug Gives Sudden Reprieve to read more about PLX4032.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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