In January, a retired oncologist named Herman Kattlove wrote an insightful article about the cost of treating cancer on his appropriately named site, Dr. Kattlove’s Cancer Blog, titled “How much should cancer treatment cost? How much is too much?” Other recent posts include “Brain radiation may be hazardous to your mind” and “If I developed acute leukemia.”

I like Dr. Kattlove’s stuff. He posts every week or so, and his topics are always relevant for cancer patients and caregivers. His writing is simple and direct, yet detailed–no “fluff.” Last week I wrote an article about his latest post, “I was wrong–transplants work for multiple myeloma.” on my other site,

I wouldn’t mind meeting Dr. Kattlove someday–seems like a nice guy! He certainly has worked with, and lived through, some profound changes in oncology while he was actively practicing.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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