You can learn the most interesting things while out and about. While I was checking-out at Walmart last evening, my associate, Helen, inquired what I was going to be doing for the rest of the day. I answered “Writing!” Helen asked about it, so I shared with her that I was a medical writer. “Can’t you tell from all of the healthy food I just purchased?” I asked, half joking. I then asked her if she payed attention to the types of foods people purchased throughout the day. “Yes.” she replied. “But it isn’t what type of food someone eats that makes the difference… It’s how they eat it.” Intrigued, I asked what she meant. (By now the folks in line were starting to get irritated. But in my extroverted way, I included them in the conversation and everyone seemed to be OK.) Helen went on to talk about how important it is for someone to eat slowly—and especially with music—soft, soothing music. “Helps the digestion.” she affirmed.

I think Helen has a point! Cancer patients should be avoiding stress through meditation and by simplifying their lives. To that end, eating slowly and deliberately while listening to calming music might just be what the doctor ordered!

Feel good, keep smiling and play soothing music while you eat your raw fruits and vegetables!

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