We should all eat more fruits and vegetables—as many raw as possible. The proof? Hundreds of nutritionally related articles I have posted on this site over the past two years, for starters!

I am currently on a vacation with my family on beautiful Pawleys Island, located on the coast of South Carolina. This morning at breakfast, my father asked me how I felt about my weight. I told him it was “perfect.” And it is! My BMI is excellent. I could use more muscle mass (still recovering—very slowly—from my early radiation/steriod therapy in 2007. (Why it is taking so long is another story…Maybe tomorrow?) Anyway, after enduring constant ribbing about how many vegetables I eat I from most of my family members over the past few days I then continued: “Dad, do you think I’m too thin?” “Maybe a bit.” he replied. My response: “That’s because you are around overweight people all of the time!” And it’s true! The insensitive thing (OK—I snapped!) was I made sure everyone heard me! But someone needed to say something! Catsup is a vegetable in my sister’s family. Most of my family members do not eat well. Even my father—who, at one time taught me the value of a balanced diet—has slipped into a “main course” eating mentality. There are exceptions, of course. My mother eats light. My sister is working on her weight and looks better than she has in years. But one’s weight is one thing—eating good, nutritious, natural (and dare I say organic?) food is another—and there they all fail. It isn’t a priority. All have their own excuses. But you would think—with my father having prostate cancer, my multiple myeloma, Pattie’s cervical, uterine and ovarian cancer—that nutrition should be an urgent priority.

Time to walk along the beach—it’s a beautiful day! I will walk miles and miles and miles today, just like yesterday. Exercise—don’t even get me started! Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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