My posts the last two days were both about oral chemotherapy. I have written in the past about how the International Myeloma Foundation is fighting to help cancer patients save on their drug costs. Here is a post I wrote in December from my seven part series about the IMF’s Cancer Patient Statement of Principles:

The International Myeloma Foundation’s Cancer Patient Statement of Principles Number Three is short, simple and straightforward:

Equality of access to care is imperative!

This is the principle which directly affects cancer patient most. This is the principle used to help advocate equity for cancer patients between IV administered and oral chemotherapy medications. For the tenth time, why should a patient be charged more and punished for using oral medications vs those given at the hospital by IV? THEY SHOULDN’T!
My Revlimid should not cost me more out of pocket than if I was using Velcade–plain and simple!

Thanks to the IMF, there are currently bills proposing to clear this up in both the House and Senate.

Thanks, IMF!
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

Whether it involves Medicare’s mysterious, expensive and frustrating “donut hole,” or private insurance charging cancer patients a co-pay for oral chemotherapy medications–when they don’t do the same for/to IV cancer patients–this is an important, yet simple and eminently solvable issue. Go to the IMF’s Website to learn more.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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