Several weeks ago a caretaker of a multiple myeloma patient e-mailed about a controversial, yet tried and true anti-cancer therapy called the Gerson protocol.

Gerson is an all encompassing dietary protocol which includes a number of supplements and cleansing rituals. In her e-mail, this woman describes personally knowing patients who should have died decades ago, but are still alive thanks to Dr. Gerson’s principles.

I’m intrigued! All I know about the program is that it has been around for many years and what I have written above. I will do some research and write about the Gerson Protocol over the next few days.
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

2 thoughts on “Has The Cure For Cancer Been Staring Us In The Face All Along? A Reader Introduces Us To The Gerson Protocol

  1. Checkout DYING TO HAVE KNOWN, free on youtube. I have been applying the Gerson concept for years with good results. The suppression of therapies that work by the entrenched pharmaceutical cabal is the crime of the millenium.

    1. Crime of the millennium? A bit strong, don’t you think? Yes, the medical establishment should be more open to alternative therapies. But I have looked into Gerson and it isn’t for everyone–and it certainly can’t claim to have cured many difficult cases. Why no clinical studies supporting the protocol?

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