Last week Pattie and I learned a close friend and fellow multiple myeloma survivor’s mother had just been diagnosed with bile duct cancer. My first thoughts were for the family. The daughter is very, very young to even have been diagnosed with myeloma—and she has had a particularly difficult time coping, both physically and emotionally. Having just undergone a successful stem cell transplant, this brave young woman could not have done it without her mother’s help. I can only imagine how difficult it is to then learn your mother,your rock,your care-giver, has herself been diagnosed with cancer. Not just any cancer, bile duct cancer can be deadly if not diagnosed early enough to allow for surgical removal of the cancer, or,better yet,a liver transplant. I’m not sure what her situation or prognosis is at this time. All I know is, as we began to research bile duct cancer, I decided not to reproduce a summary about this type of cancer as I often do. Why? Because it seems to be a cancer of extremes—there can be a high cure rate for some patients—little hope for others. This leads to a complicated prognosis that can’t be generalized. We will keep you updated on this family’s situation in the days to come.

Feel good, keep smiling and please pray for the mother, daughter, her young children and other family members as well! Pat & Pattie

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  1. Another name for this cancer is cholangiocarcinoma. You will find a fairly active message board community at

    My heart goes out to your friend and her daughter. Both multiple myeloma and bile duct cancer are rare, and such a challenge to face. All my thoughts are with them.

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