While I was doing research for my second book, Living a Longer & Better Life with Cancer, I stumbled across a number of medical studies like this one I found on the American Cancer Society Website:

Exercise Can Improve Breast Cancer Survival
A Few Hours a Week Enough to Make a Difference
Article date: 2005/05/25

A few hours of walking or other exercise each week may help breast cancer survivors live longer, new research suggests. In the study of nearly 3,000 women, those who exercised this amount were less likely to die of their breast cancer than women who got less than 1 hour of physical activity each week.

The finding could give women another way to boost their odds of beating breast cancer, experts said.

“Women with breast cancer have little to lose and much to gain from exercise,” said the study’s lead author Michelle Holmes, MD, DrPH, of Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. “We already know that [breast cancer patients who exercise] have better mood, better body image, and better self-esteem. We know it fights other diseases that women with breast cancer can also get, like heart disease and diabetes. And it may also help these women avoid dying from breast cancer.”

Holmes and her colleagues published their findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association (Vol. 293, No. 20: 2479-2486).

There are so many other good reasons for anyone, especially cancer patients/survivors to exercise, I never stopped to consider how regular physical activity might help prevent cancer from reoccurring.

Feel good, keep smiling and get out and move this weekend! Pat

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