This can be a stressful time of year—stressful and sometimes sad. Sad if you or a loved one has cancer—or if you have recently lost someone close to you who had cancer. It doesn’t matter what kind. Young or old. Male or female. Christmas or the 4th of July. Cancer doesn’t care. But you can! You can choose to celebrate life! No matter how sick you or your loved one are, you can choose to take control of your life—if only for one more day.

Like cancer, I won’t take a day off this weekend. Watch for posts Friday, Saturday and Sunday on this site and at www.MultipleMyelomaBlog.Com.

Kick cancer in the ass this Christmas! Forget about it! Enjoy the holidays with friends and/or family. We won’t even mind if you don’t read our articles and posts until Monday!

Most importantly, don’t forget to feel good and keep smiling! Happy Holidays! Pat & Pattie

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