Here is a list of 8 nutritional things to concentrate on as featured on HealthCastle.Com:

1. Be as lean as possible Aim for Body Mass Index of 21 – 23.

2. Be Active Aim for 60 minutes or more moderate activity every day, or 30+ minutes of vigorous activity.

3. Avoid energy-dense foods and sugary drinks Avoid foods that are high in fat, like fast foods and processed foods. Also avoid sugary drinks like soda.

4. Eat plant-based foods Aim for 5 servings of non-starchy fruits and vegetables every day (potato, yam, sweet potato, and cassava don’t count). Eat only limited amounts of refined grains like white bread and pasta. Instead, include legumes or whole grains in every meal.

5. Limit red meat and avoid processed meat Limit red meat intake (beef, pork, lamb and goat) to less than 18 oz. a week and avoid processed meat at all costs.

6. Limit alcohol Men: no more than 2 drinks a day
Women: no more than 1 drink a day

7. Limit salty foods Salt and salt-preserved foods are probably a cause of stomach cancer. Limit sodium intake to 2400 mg a day

8. Don’t bank on pills Some supplements or high-dose nutrients are associated with higher risk of developing cancer. Stick to a healthy diet instead and don’t bank on dietary supplements as the magic pills in preventing cancer

A standard list. No surprises here! But what may surprise you are my additional suggestions/comments about the list I will post tomorrow.
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

2 thoughts on “8 Tips To Help You Avoid Cancer

  1. This is a GREAT list, because it is both sensible and realistic. A lot of literature makes claims like become a strict vegetarian, or buy only one type of very rare organic broccoli and eat that every day, etc. Those aren't realistic suggestions for most people. And frankly, I'd rather live and eat what I want for 75 years than eat without any sense of enjoyment and live 78 years, you know?

    Anyhow, you do a great service with this simple, realistic and powerful list. I already do most of these things and I'm inspired to do the rest of them — or at least try harder!

    Kudos once again, Pat! Your blog keeps enlightening and empowering!!

  2. Thanks, Nick! I agree. Common sense. Eat a lot of different, healthy things. Lots of fruits and vegetables. Then eat some more! It can only help, right? Organic? Sure, why not. But I'm not going to eat the broccoli I'm substituting for french fries at a local restaurant because it isn't organic! Pat

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