I ran into a friend of mine, named Steve, at a recent Cancer Conference. He was raving about the benefits of magnesium oil. Said he felt taking magnesium orally wasn’t as effective and also liked the results from rubbing the oil on his wife’s feet. She feels it helps with her peripheral neuropathy. Here is a copy of his e-mail to me about magnesium oil:

There are some 247 body systems that rely upon sufficient magnesium for proper function. We are getting about half the magnesium our ancestors did a hundred years ago from the foods we eat. Many maladies can be successfully treated with simple magnesium more effectively than patent medications. It probably addresses the root cause and not just eliminates symptoms.

The body’s pain management relies upon magnesium. Insufficient magnesium supports chronic pain. We’re putting mag oil on Terri’s feet and it is helping with the neuropathy. It is documented to help Type II diabetes neuropathy, so we thought it worth trying. Terri is pleased with the results in the short time we’ve been applying it to her feet at bed time. It does seem to significantly reduce muscle spasms as well.

I’m passing this along in hopes you find something that improves your life or preserves your health.

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I’m going to give magnesium oil a try! Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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