I have been updating the condition of Pattie’s mother alternately on both of our blogs, http://www.helpwithcancer.org/ and http://www.multiplemyelomablog.com/. We are trying to get her moved down closer to family in the Tampa, Florida area. We believed we were making progress. Unfortunately, she (and we) encountered a set-back yesterday, when she was hospitalized for the second time in two weeks for internal bleeding in her GI tract. Pattie’s mom is resting comfortably, but learned for the first time today that her cancer had indeed returned. She is understandably upset. Complicating the situation, Pattie is already in Florida and I am in the Atlanta International Airport en-route to Tampa as well. Another daughter has left for St Croix Falls to be with her while she has a surgical consult on Wednesday. Hopefully she will be deemed a surgical candidate – not so much to attack the cancer – but to relieve a painful blockage between her intestines and stomach. I will keep you updated.
Feel good, keep smiling and pray for her, please! Pat

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