I flew down from a multiple myeloma conference in the Twin Cities late last night to spend the day with Pattie in Florida. It is our twenty-second anniversary today. Twenty-two challenging, wonderful years. Pattie is a three time cancer survivor. I was her caregiver for a number of years while she recovered from her first surgery and later, while she endured a second major surgery and six grueling months of chemotherapy. Now, Pattie is my caregiver while I deal cancer. Our love and relationship is stronger than ever. You could even say cancer has brought us closer together. We have a bond most couples don’t share. It was a special day today. The best part: I get to stay down here with her for a while!
There are no guarantees. But for now, she’s OK, I’m OK, and that’s why I feel good and will definitely keep smiling! Pat

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