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Concerns About Microwaving Food Revisited

Last October I wrote about the possible negative effects of microwaving vegetables: “My most used kitchen accessory is a $10 microwave vegetable steamer. A simple, 3 part device that steams broccoli, spinach or carrots in 3 minutes or less. I have heard and read that a microwave destroys much of the nutritional value of vegetables. According to Dr Lynne Eldridge in her book, Avoiding Cancer One Day At A Time, there are studies that indicate that microwaving may destroy a significant amount of some vitamins and phytochemicals in food and therefore may frustrate their protective effects against cancer. Bummer. I guess that I should take the good doctor’s advice and opt for steaming rather than microwaving my veggies.” Since then I am proud to report I now use a stainless steel pot and steamer exclusively to cook my veggies. Does it make a difference? I figure it can’t hurt! And if I didn’t know better, I would say they taste better slow steamed on the range top, too.
Feel good, keep smiling and please, please eat your vegetables every day! Pat

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4 Comments → “Concerns About Microwaving Food Revisited”

  1. Sandy 7 years ago   Reply

    Well, Pat, I learned that the microwave was invented by the Russians (or discovered by them) and when they tried to sell the oven in their country, it was banned – and that's how it came to the U.S. – perhaps to undermine us by playing to our weakness – wanting everything too quickly.

    I stopped using the machine after reading about the ways it damages food – and water!! – which is essential to our healing. Good call to switch… have you heard about ionized water?

  2. Pat Killingsworth 7 years ago   Reply

    I have never paid attention to ionized water. I figured it was just a gimmick. Do you use it? Thanks for caring – and reading! Pat

  3. Sandy 7 years ago   Reply

    I used it for three days and saw such a change in both my energy levels and in my physical appearance – on day three I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror and was shocked to see how much younger I looked! I am currently trying to find a way to purchase one of my own because they are pretty expensive. I cannot make any testimony as to its healing effects, but I have heard of others who claim events nothing short of miraculous… and when you think that water is so essential to our well-being, it makes sense to have the best water you can find.

  4. Pat Killingsworth 7 years ago   Reply

    Thank's Sandy! If you don't mind, I will post about this tomorrow! Pat

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