If you read our personal profile or follow our HelpWithCancer.Org Blog, you understand our connection with cancer. What I don’t talk much about is our love and lifelong service for animals. I often joke my wife Pattie is going to “same the world, one stray cat at a time!” While living in the northwoods of Wisconsin in the early 90’s, Pattie and I started an organization called Critter Rescue. Over the years we raised money to build an animal shelter in a county that was without. We accomplished that goal before moving near the Twin Cities on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border to St Croix Falls, Wisconsin seven years ago. Since then I have served on the Polk County Humane Society Board, recently serving as President. Since Pattie couldn’t have children (her first round fight with cancer began at the young age of 34) dogs and cats have always been our “kids.” We raced rescued sled dogs up north and helped a number of animals as a foster care family. We still have 3 aging dogs and 7 cats to show for our efforts. Why am I telling you this? Because in one hour we will be driving all 10 animals, in two small vehicles, down to Florida where we have purchased a second home. 25+ hours of highway fun!? Oh boy, here we go! Anyway, I hope you will understand why I won’t be posting tomorrow… Cancer will have to wait until after we arrive safely in Weeki Wachee, Florida late Sunday night. You will hear from me again Monday, tired but safe I hope!
Feel good, keep smiling and pray for us, please! Pat

3 thoughts on “Our Long Journey Begins

  1. How can you leave the beautiful Midwest! And how will our MM Stillwater group survive without you!And 25 hours with all those animals, you 2 are brave souls. Please keep in touch,
    Barb Davis

  2. Having just completed a drive across the continent from Lake City, Florida to Everett, Washington, I can appreciate the drive you have probably completed by the time you read this.

    However, the adventure in Florida will be worth it. There is always something good to be found in a new place, even though leaving many good friends and memories in another place is hard.

    And I know you will find new friends in warm Weeki Watchi… one of the things I loved about Florida was how welcoming people can be. Prayers are being sent nevertheless….

  3. Thank you Barb and Sandy!
    Barb, we missed you at the meeting… Sounds like you were not feeling well. Call my toll-free number 866-336-1696 and let’s talk… I passed out copies of my new book and there is one here waiting with your name on it! Sandy, I will share your kind words with my wife who is still apprehensive about the move. I love Washington State! How did you end up out there? And from Lake City, no less! Pat

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