I had an appointment with Dr. David Blackie DPT,NMD today. Dr. Blackie specializes in natural medicine. I have now met with three nutritional experts. A naturopathic nutritionist and licensed RN Leanne Ottomeyer, a naturopathic MD Helen Healy and now Dr. Blackie. Leanne is probably the most conservative and main stream in her advice. I credit her for getting me started on a Medeteranian, low carb diet that has helped minimize my water retention symptoms caused by my medications. Helen is a wonderful mix of common sense and holistic medicine. Dave is probably the most extreme of the three. Not crazy extreme, just into things like PH balance, Omura Bi digital O Ring Tests and non traditional therapies for cancer and other chronic diseases. I enjoyed our time together and learned a lot! He strongly agreed with many of the supplements recommended by Helen, and suggested two more that make sense for me. E-mail if you would like more specific information about my diet and supplement regimen.
Feel good and keep smiling! Thanks to the help of personable, dedicated professionals like these, I know I am! Pat

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