On a flight to North Carolina last night I sat next to an outgoing, delightful woman named Beth. A flight attendant, mother of three and grandmother, Beth spent about twenty minutes talking about her life and the changes she would soon be making. The flight attendant thing wasn’t working out, so she would soon be returning home to Rochester, Minnesota to begin working at Mayo Clinic. But that isn’t what Beth really wants to do. She would prefer to live with her boyfriend in Fort Meyers, Florida. But they have only been dating six month and he isn’t ready to commit but he didn’t want her to take the job…. Sorry! When you are trapped in the middle seat of an airplane with no where to go but up, you get lost in the details. To make a very long story (flight) short, Beth is already counting the days until she can move to Florida. She hasn’t even left for Minnesota yet! Her plan is to work a year, get one of her kids settled and then get out of town and back to Florida. Yesterday afternoon I attended my monthly multiple myeloma support group meeting. New medications, impending stem cell transplants, a visitor with leukemia that isn’t responding to treatment. As I listened to Beth, I couldn’t help thinking about my friends in our group. About my cancer and how fortunate I am to be sitting here, in my cramped middle seat, on a flight that was over an hour late, listening to Beth and how she hoped her life could be. In a year. A precious year that she would never get back. A year that some of my friends would give anything to have. After Beth finished her story and a few more miles flew by, I shared my feelings with her. My advice: Don’t waste a minute!
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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