Eva LaRue, co-star of the CBS drama CSI-Miami, has launched an ovarian cancer awareness campaign called Eva’s Divas. Eva is working with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition to help women learn and identify the early warning signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. Since there is no blood test or marker for ovarian cancer, it is often misdiagnosed. By the time it becomes symptomatic, the cancer has progressed and spread, making it difficult to treat. Click on this link: http://www.ovarian.org/evasdivas/ to learn more. I wrote this immediately after watching Eva on an afternoon talk show. I accessed the link, pasted it, copied it and tested it. Everything worked. I noticed later that the link did not work. I think that so many viewers tried to go to the Website at once that their host server crashed! If the link doesn’t work soon, please let me know.
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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